Rules and regulations

Weight categories

We use the official weight categories as mentioned in the IBA-rules and regulations.
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Weight category can be changed if the boxer weigh in more or less than the weight they have registered for, it's the weight your boxer has on the first day of medical they will compete in during the tournament.

Weigh in is done the first day for all boxers and on the morning the days they have a match for elite, youth and junior boxers. Diploma boxers only weigh in upon registration the first day.

No weight allowance is accepted after first weigh in.


All boxers must go through a medical examination at the venue before weigh in.

Diploma Boxing?

Diploma Boxing is a ramification of boxing, with modified rules for boys and girls between the age of 10-15 years. With this approach, we have the opportunity:

  • To teach and foster skilled boxers
  • To strive for a retainment of our 10-15-year-old boxers
  • To attract and recruit youths into boxing, in competition with other types of sports
  • To broaden Swedish boxing To raise the sport, and create PR to present the sport in an attractive way.
  • To create a large and broad youth activity in different clubs
  • To create a safe technique for the boxer, so that she/he will be able to become a brave boxer
  • To recruit parents and families to be a part of the club/association
  • To physically strengthen, and to socially and mentally support youths in their age of maturity

Diploma boxing, may under no circumstances becomes too rough.

Rough boxing must be dismissed and strained. The purpose with diploma boxing is to; with a soft and human manner teach youths to box. The most important thing is to grade boxers’ technical skills and to enhance the importance of personal development. It is not important how hard a boxer can punch, or how physically strong they are.

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